May 19 to 30, 2024 women only or accompanied.
June 02 to 13, 2024 mixed, alone or accompanied.
The experience is the same for all. Values vary in that there is an option for Airbnb in an
individual room, 4-star hotel in a shared room, or 4-star hotel in a single room.
Reservations by paying CLP 300,000 by money transfer. If you’re not Chilean, you can do
so via PayPal.
The trip begins in Naples, where we’ll be expecting you to take you to your lodgings.
Breakfast, lunch, beverages are all included. Dinner is on you (calculate € 20 on average
per dinner. I’ll give you several different dining options, depending on your preferences).
a) Flight tickets. Our past experiences revealed that, given that airline tickets are expensive, most travellers arrived to Europe ahead of the tour or stayed a few days more. This allows for greater travel flexibility. Should you decide to stay in southern Italy, I can advise you free of charge as to lodgings and activities. b) Dinners. These are not included so as to provide more flexibility and options to our travellers.
Accident insurance, a signed Letter of Responsibility, and the desire to have an awesome
Maripi, with more than 20 years’ worth of travelling experience and living several months
per year in southern Italy. On some days we’ll be further accompanied by guides belonging
to our team in Italy, depending on the planned activity.
Via credit card, money transfer, or PayPal.
Up to 30 days before leaving, via credit card or money transfer. If you’re not Chilean, you
can do so via PayPal.
Of course! You can opt for a single room. We’ll be a small, tight-knit group so that you can
meet other people sharing the same passion.
Of course! As long as it is in southern Italy, we can advise you free of charge.
Read our Terms & Conditions. The reservation fee is not returned. However, the percentage
of reimbursement depends on how close the travel start date is.
If they are of legal age, yes. For minors, only if the June group is in full agreement.
Click on “Reserve” on the webpage. This shall take you to a form requesting additional
information and the reservation data for a spot. (CLP 300,000 that will be discounted from
the program value).